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  Age : 15

  Birth Date : 17 June 2002

  Birth City :

Stuttgart, Germany

  Horoscope : Gemini

Lisaandlena [edit]

Lisaandlena (full name : Lisa and Lena, Mantler) is a 15 years old Star. Lisaandlena was born in Stuttgart, Germany. Lisaandlena's birthday is 17 June 2002.

Lisaandlena's star sign (horoscope) is Gemini. Lisaandlena's US based birthstone is Pearl & Moonstone & Alexandrite. Lisaandlena's UK based birthstone is Pearl & Moonstone. Lisaandlena's Vedic based birthstone is Pearl.

Lisaandlena's Eye Color and Hair Color [edit]

Lisaandlena's eye color is a Brown. Lisaandlena's hair color is a Dark Blonde.

Lisaandlena's Height and Weight [edit]

Lisaandlena's height is 5 feet 5 inches or 165 cm. Lisaandlena's weight is 110 pounds or 50 kilos.

Lisaandlena's Financial & Marital Status [edit]

Lisaandlena's net worth is N/A as of 2017. Lisaandlena is Married to Moritz(Lena) married to johannes (lisaaaaaaa) as of 2017.

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